That Was the Most Expensive Bar Cover Charge Ever

I finally paid off my student loans! As someone that had zero help along the way I have to say something has to give. Tuition at UW was about $2500 in 96, today it’s almost $11k! College isn’t for everyone, I am probably one of those people, but if you have a goal and want to better yourself to help society, college should be accessible, and accessible to all. Doing the math, I don’t see how someone that was in my situation could even consider college now. I would be in debt until I retire, but I probably couldn’t retire, even paying well over the minimum due like I did. Not everyone makes $50k out of college, or 10 years out. We need social workers and teachers but the cost of becoming one has become outrageous. A college degree has become a middle class necessity too which as much societal mentally as it is reality. With the debt kids coming out of college now have we are bound to see some sort of financial crisis tied to it, and I don’t see any government bailout coming for this one. Anyway, at least it’s done, and it’s a good day for me!