Car Troubles

This morning when I merged onto the highway I heard a massive THUNK. The family truckster hasn’t been running the smoothest at times lately, so I slowed down to 35 to assess if I needed to pull over. No light on the dash, no further thunking, so I went the speed limit to work. When I got off the off ramp, another massive thunk. I’m thinking there is something wrong with the tranny. I’m only a mile from my parking spot so I figure I can get there, but then, another massive THUNK! I pulled over, and as soon as I put it in park, I realized the problem. I opened the door and took the can of Coke off the roof that was rolling in the luggage rack. I put it there this morning while opening the car door. What a relief it wasn’t the car.

The culprit. Of course it says "mom" on it.
The culprit. Of course it says “mom” on it.

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