That Was the Most Expensive Bar Cover Charge Ever

I finally paid off my student loans! As someone that had zero help along the way I have to say something has to give. Tuition at UW was about $2500 in 96, today it’s almost $11k! College isn’t for everyone, I am probably one of those people, but if you have a goal and want to better yourself to help society, college should be accessible, and accessible to all. Doing the math, I don’t see how someone that was in my situation could even consider college now. I would be in debt until I retire, but I probably couldn’t retire, even paying well over the minimum due like I did. Not everyone makes $50k out of college, or 10 years out. We need social workers and teachers but the cost of becoming one has become outrageous. A college degree has become a middle class necessity too which as much societal mentally as it is reality. With the debt kids coming out of college now have we are bound to see some sort of financial crisis tied to it, and I don’t see any government bailout coming for this one. Anyway, at least it’s done, and it’s a good day for me!

Hello World!

MorrisonIMG_6898 John Rau

Born: 05/31/15 4:54 pm
Weight: 8 lbs. 0 oz.
Height: 20 in
Where: Columbia St. Mary’s, Milwaukee, WI
Brewers 7 – D’backs 6 (17 innings)

Changing of the Guard

A moment of silence please. After almost 12 years of corporate clicking and scrolling, my Logitech MX510 is being retired for a younger, faster mouse, just out of college. We’ve had a good run. I think I hear Taps, I mean Clicks, being played in the distance.

Logitech MX510

Car Troubles

This morning when I merged onto the highway I heard a massive THUNK. The family truckster hasn’t been running the smoothest at times lately, so I slowed down to 35 to assess if I needed to pull over. No light on the dash, no further thunking, so I went the speed limit to work. When I got off the off ramp, another massive thunk. I’m thinking there is something wrong with the tranny. I’m only a mile from my parking spot so I figure I can get there, but then, another massive THUNK! I pulled over, and as soon as I put it in park, I realized the problem. I opened the door and took the can of Coke off the roof that was rolling in the luggage rack. I put it there this morning while opening the car door. What a relief it wasn’t the car.

The culprit. Of course it says "mom" on it.
The culprit. Of course it says “mom” on it.

Another Year Slips By

First the run report. 3.7 mi in 30:38, 8:17/mi pace. This run could not be at a worse time each year. This is a slacking time of year for me. I just got finished with a week of eating leftover pasta salads from our party, and drank and ate at the fair all day yesterday. I’m setting myself up for failure. The .7 absolutely killed me today. It felt like I had cinder blocks on my feet.

Another satisfying year, albeit quick. Had some great trips back to New York and Hawaii. Had another fun WI vacation. The little monsters are great. Della is a full blown little girl and Lana is learning a new word a day. The blur that is life continues forward.

Off to the Murray family picnic. Go Pack!

Wrong Side of 35

I did my 36 yr 3.6/mi run. A very unrespectable 8:47 pace. I had to briefly walk twice. I’m still on the rebound from getting grossly out of shape over my month paternity leave. I can’t blame it all on that though since the time has been going up every year. Knees hurt bad today too. Gorgeous morning though.

So I’m on the downside of 30s. Man, time continues to fly. I suspect this will be the sentiment from here until the end. My goal for the year is to simplify.

Off to undo all my run plus a whole week or runs by going to the State Fair.

Summerfest 2013

Last night we hit up the Violent Femmes to kick off ‘fest. They haven’t missed a beat. Edward Sharpe and the Avett Brothers opened up for them. They both held their own. Petty tomorrow and then the Eagles next week. In for a treat this year.

All Rau, All the Time